Brierfield teenager qualifies as a pilot

Pilot Hassan Imtiaz 2 (S)
Pilot Hassan Imtiaz 2 (S)
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Pendle student 18-year-old Hassan Imtiaz has achieved something quite amazing – he has qualified as a private pilot!

And once he completes his A-levels at Nelson and Colne College, he aims to become a professional pilot.

Hassan, from Sycamore Rise, Brierfield, studied at Marsden Heights Community College before going to Nelson and Colne College, where he is studying maths, physics, economics and business.

But he first started to train in flying when he was 13 at Blackpool, and he said: “I’ve gone over there regularly. I have passed my driving test and I’ve got a car now so I drive there and back so I can train. I went on Tuesday last week and took my test. It was a Piper Cherokee aircraft I was flying.”

With his examiner, he took off from Blackpool Airport and made a big flight across the North. It meant flying over to Harrogate, then Ingleton and he also flew close to Pendle, and could see Colne well.

He said: “It was a flight test that lasted two and a half hours. I was really pleased when they passed me!” Hassan is delighted to have got his Private Pilots Licence and said: “I enjoyed joining private flying training.”

However, he said: “My vision is to be a professional pilot. I am happy to work for an airline.” So he is likely to be flying something a lot bigger that a Cherokee soon.

Hassan lives with his parents. His dad is Zahir, who has a car sales facility in Bolton, and his mum is Saima, who was born in Lahore, Pakistan, before coming to live in Pendle.