Electronic signs to return to Burnley Bus Station?

Burnley Bus Station. G160212/2c
Burnley Bus Station. G160212/2c

THE long-awaited return of electronic signs in Burnley Bus Station is on the horizon – despite Lancashire County Council’s continued refusal to reinstate them.

The lights went out when the county council controversially switched off the signs at the station in December 2011, despite huge opposition from the public.

County council bosses furthered angered the public last August when they refused to receive a 2,000 signature petition in person organised by Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle, on behalf of members of the macular degeneration society.

But now Burnley Borough Council has stepped in after a survey once again revealed a large amount of people want to see some form of signs in the bus station in Centenary Way.

The Express understands information will be displayed on large computer screens or plasma television screens detailing timetables but will not be as detailed as the previous ones. The old screen would say exactly minutes a given bus was from the station.

Coun. Andrew Tatchell, Executive member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “In reaction to a biannual survey carried out by Burnley Council with bus station users, it was clear that users wanted to have some form of electronic timetable. Although the council is not in a financial position to be able to reinstate the screens previously sponsored by Lancashire County Council, we wanted to try and assist public transport users in some way.

“We are looking into the use of alternative screens which will be linked to a self-managing timetable which will be developed and managed by Transdev.

“Following a one off payment by the council for new screens, Transdev has kindly agreed to provide on-going management for the system which will be a more affordable and less complex system to the previous Lancashire County Council screens, and will be managed on-site at Burnley Bus Station.

“The council will be soon be conducting a trial of the new screens to ensure what is proposed works in practice.”

The county council decided to withdraw funding for the signs as well as ones in Nelson, Lancaster, Chorley and Skelmersdale as part of its budget cuts, which brought savings of £47,000.