Family criticise police after Nelson road death of family doctor

Dr Mohammed Malik
Dr Mohammed Malik
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A respected family doctor and pillar of the community died after a tragic accident while making his usual walk to Friday prayers.

Dr Mohammed Ikram Malik MBE died in hospital on September 12th last year, five days after he fell to the floor banging his head during what was initially treated as a minor road traffic collision.

The family of GP Dr Malik (75), who lived in Fairfield Drive, Burnley, and worked at Yarnspinner’s Health Centre in Nelson, criticised the police investigation which they said was “inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate.”

An inquest at Burnley Coroner’s Court, attended by Dr Malik’s wife Raisa, son Shahzad and daughter Shazia, all doctors themselves, heard how he had been making his usual walk from work to the nearby Markazi Jamia Ghousi Mosque.

According to witnesses, Dr Malik stepped off the pavement in Pendle Street at the same time a Vauxhall Astra, driven by school worker Catherine Schofield, set off from the junction at a roundabout.

Dr Malik’s trouser leg then became entangled in the wheel of the car causing him to fall.

Mrs Schofield admitted during the inquest that she only looked to her right and did not see the GP until he put his hands onto the side of her car before falling and banging his head.

Police accident investigator PC Robert Newcombe said: “It is against the Highway Code not to look both ways but there is also guidance to pedestrians to choose the safest place to cross. I would estimate the car was around 2ft. from the kerb at the time.”

East Lancashire Coroner Mr Richard Taylor recorded a verdict of accidental death and recommended that some form of pedestrian crossing be installed.

Dr Malik was also chairman of Building Bridges Pendle and PEEF - People’s Enterprise and Empowerment Forum, as well as Pendle Community Safety Partnership.

He carried out a significant amount of work to help build cohesion in the community and had been honoured by the Queen with an MBE for his contribution.

His family said: “Dr Malik’s death has been a significant loss not only for our family but for the whole community of Burnley and Pendle. He led his life with a quiet dignity.”