M65 mayhem: new calls for lights switch-on

M65.'Photo Ben Parsons
M65.'Photo Ben Parsons
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Killer conditions on the M65 after dark are firing up massive support for the campaign to bring back the lights.

The lights from Gannow roundabout at Junction 10 to the Dunkenhalgh, at Junction 7, were axed to cut the country’s carbon footprint.

MPs made the decision, so campaigning motorist Chris Johnson has turned his guns on politicians – because they are the only ones with the power to switch them back on – and he is urging everyone who uses the motorway to join the fight.

“People’s lives are more important,” said Mr Johnson, of Spenbrook. “The evidence speaks for itself; people are dying.

“If politicians are so bothered about carbon footprints they need to look at all the playing fields and six-a-side football pitches lit up at night, instead of opting to have a dangerous motorway.”

Workmen were ordered to remove diffusers from the lights when they were turned off.

Mr Johnson said he was devastated when, after launching his campaign, he heard about the five-vehicle crash in which Burnley dad Mark Burgess was killed.

The accident happened near Junction 8, at Padiham, shortly before 11pm on Saturday, November 23rd, when his car collided with a barrier. Seconds later an ambulance, two Ford Kas and an MG ZR collided with the wreckage.

“As I understand it, the emergency services had to get the police helicopter out to shine some light on the scene because it was so dark. They didn’t save any money there, did they?” said Mr Johnson.

The House is due to review its carbon footprint lighting policy in summer, but Mr Johnson wants local MPs to press for urgent action.