Nelson sisters in Pakistan car accident horror

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TWO Nelson sisters have been involved in a serious road collision that has left one dead and another critically injured during a visit to Pakistan for a double wedding.

The dead woman has been named locally as Bashira Begum, wife of Mohammed Sharif, of Westmoreland Street.

Her younger sister, Sharifan Begum, wife of Mohammed Bashir, of Hibson Road, is still being treated in a Pakistan hospital.

It is believed they were crossing a busy road in Lala Musa last Friday morning when they were hit by a vehicle. Locals have said Mrs Sharif died instantly as a result of head injuries, while Mrs Bashir, a mother of five, was taken to hospital where she still remains.

The two families had flown out to the Gujrat district last month for the marriages of Mr and Mrs Bashir’s daughters, Shabana and Samera, on February 12th, along with many other relatives.

The women - who are in their 50s and said to be so close they were “stuck like glue” - were on their way home from a shopping trip when the tragedy happened. The incident is thought to be on the renowned busy GT Road, which is similar to a dual carriageway.

Mrs Bashir’s daughters, who flew back to England on Thursday, learned about the incident the following morning.

They returned to Pakistan the same evening on the 9 p.m. flight from Manchester to be by their mother’s bedside and attend their aunt’s funeral.

The Deputy Mayor of Pendle, Coun. Nadeem Ahmed, said: “The two families are well known, decent families who lived a simple and quiet life. It is very tragic and the community is in shock. Most of the family were out in Pakistan but the remaining few have since flown out.

“Details are still sketchy at the moment but there is a general feeling of shock all round. It is a great loss for the community and we send our condolences to both families and we are here for them when they return back to the UK to help them all we can.”

Nelson town councillor Abdul Aziz has also expressed his sympathy. He said: “I think I know where it happened and it is a very busy road where traffic moves quickly. The two women were very close and would never go anywhere separately.”