Petition for pedestrian crossing on Colne ‘danger’ road

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FOLLowING a recent accident when mother and child pedestrians were knocked down on a key Colne road, there is a campaign to get much better opportunities to cross it safely.

More than 500 people have signed a petition calling for a new pedestrian crossing to be installed near the point on Skipton Road where the accident happened. And it was handed over to Pendle Council’s Colne and District Committee at its latest meeting.

The petition expresses concern about the dangers of crossing the road and says: “There have been many near misses and on Wednesday, July 18th, there was a bad accident when a mother and her son were knocked down trying to cross the road.”

The plan is to get a new crossing fitted near or exactly where it happened and it also adds: “There are a park, a shop, a high school and a primary school, none of which can be accessed without first crossing Skipton Road from the Russell Avenue side.”

Campaigner Lesley Colbeck reminded councillors that the victims last month had to be airlifted to hospital. And she added that some children cross it without looking. She said: “I got nearly 200 signatures in the first week and it is now 536. There is a need for it.

“I know there is another crossing further away, but a lot of people don’t walk down there. There is a lot of speeding traffic.” She also felt that the traffic could not see pedestrians sometimes.

And Julie Wilson added her concerns, following an incident in which her daughter was involved in an accident last year. “It’s a bottleneck,” she said, adding it was a danger to go to the park or shop. She added: “My daughter, last year, was very, very lucky.”

Coun. Neil Butterworth suggested that, where the other crossing is, people don’t even stop when people are stood on the crossing.

He added: “I understand it is going to take a long time to move the crossing.” But he felt it should be moved up the street to make it easier to cross.

Coun. Ann Kerrigan then said: “There have been accidents on that route in recent years. It’s very difficult to get across there.”

Chairman Coun. Graham Waugh suggested they should raise the issue with Lancashire County Council. And Pendle’s police chief, Insp. Phil Davies, said issues would be raised about the view of changes.

The Rev. Tony Rindl said: “The problem is there is just too much traffic through Colne. The whole stretch between Castle Road and the roundabout is dangerous. The whole thing needs to be reviewed because it is dangerous.”

He felt the issues of the whole road should be considered, rather than just going for a new crossing.

Members agreed to ask County Coun. Mike Calvert to take the issue up with Lancashire County Council.