Pregnant woman in Nelson car smash

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Emergency services were called out after two cars were in a crash and a lamp post was also struck.

It happened at the junction of Railway Street and Netherfield Road, Nelson, early this morning (Tuesday).

A red Peugeot and a blue Peugeot were in the accident, which happened just before 7am.

Fire crews from Nelson were called out to deal with dangers.

When they arrived people had managed to get out of the cars, but there was fuel leaking from one of the vehicles. They disconnected the cars’ batteries to make it safe.

A lady driver who was pregnant had head and neck injuries which were believed to be not serious, but she was taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital for a check. The other driver was not hurt.

About an hour later, there was another road traffic accident at a roundabout in Reedyford Road, Nelson, with no injuries and damage only.