Stricken gritter rescued by crane in snow storm drama

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A GRITTER which skidded off a snow-covered road into a ditch has been rescued by a crane.

The vehicle was spreading salt along the A682 in Blacko, Nelson, when it became stuck in deep snow drifts.

The driver of the Lancashire County Council gritter was uninjured by was stuck in the stricken vehicle for six hours today.

A snow plough helped cleared a path through the heavy snow so a crane could be drafted in to pull the gritter out.

Neighbour Darren Reynolds, who took the photo, said: “The gritter driver had been in the snow since before 4am and was only rescued when a crane arrived to lift the gritter out of a ditch at 10am.

“Other drivers either abandoned their vehicles or stayed for six hours whilst the road was cleared.”

Another gritter and several other vehicle were also stuck along the road.