Stuck truck in Barlick leads to action calls

A lorry gets stuck on the corner of Newtown and Rainhall Road.
A lorry gets stuck on the corner of Newtown and Rainhall Road.
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Business owners on a Barnoldswick street have called for action to be taken after a lorry became stuck earlier this week.

The articulated truck could not make the tight turn on to Newtown from Rainhall Road on Monday morning due to a combination of parked cars and street furniture.

Newtown and part of Rainhall Road was blocked for up to half an hour while owners of the two cars parked in designated vehicle spaces were found and could move their vehicles enabling the lorry to pass.

The stretch of road is only supposed to be used by vehicles up to 7.5 tons but drivers of large trucks from the continent either fail to spot the existing sign or ignore it, preferring to use their Sat Nav equipment, according to shop owners.

One shop worker who street parks had their vehicle written off six months ago after it was scraped by a lorry attempting to manoeuvre to turn the corner and shopkeepers say the problem is increasing.

Residents in Earby had a similar problem with continental truck drivers attempting to reach Skipton via Birch Hall Lane until additional signage was erected by Lancashire County Council on Red Lion Street in January this year.

County Coun. David Whipp said: “What can we do? There are advanced warning signs and a prohibition sign at the traffic lights.

“These are internationally agreed road signs which HGV drivers ought to understand.

“I think the only practical route we could go down is trying to get Sat Nav providers to not include it as a road.”