Trawden Brownies head off into the dark

The Trawden Brownies celebrating. (S)
The Trawden Brownies celebrating. (S)
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Trawden Brownies were excited to hold a “Skills in the Dark” session sponsored by the Co-operative Funeralcare Skipton.

Being safe and seen in the dark is part of the Brownie Adventure Programme and the Co-op kindly provided a torch, pencil and work sheet for every Brownie.

The Brownies’ Tawny Owl, Karen Pashley, said: “The torches are extra special as they can be attached to the girls uniform to prevent loss.

“We held the whole session in the dark and had activities such as getting to know you, fire practice, opening and locking a door, find the right shoes and hoodies and managing to eat and drink all by torchlight.

“It was a superb session and the Brownies loved it all. Parents were especially impressed that we could demonstrate how the dark can be fun and not scary.

“Thanks so much to the Co-op for providing us with the resources to be able to plan this as part of our programme.”

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