Trawden skatepark debate heats up

TALKAOKE: Youngsters take part in discussions about a skatepark in Trawden.'Photo Ben Parsons
TALKAOKE: Youngsters take part in discussions about a skatepark in Trawden.'Photo Ben Parsons
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A “full and frank exchange of views” has taken place between the Friends of Ball Grove and campaigners who are aiming to get a multi-wheel facility into Trawden.

Earlier this year, the Colne Times reported that Amanda Cunningham, who is fronting the Trawden Skatepark Initiative, had suggested the idea of housing an outdoor concrete skatepark at Ball Grove Park.

Now, concerns have been raised over safety and security if such proposals were to be given the green light.

While many Friends of Ball Grove members are not opposed to the idea of the facility, they have raised a number of questions which they feel still need to be answered. And while they do fear the skatepark would attract anti-social behaviour, they are clear to state that they do not believe it would be the users causing problems.

Jerry Stanford, chairman of the Friends of Ball Grove, said: “We have had a full and frank exchange of views.

“Amanda’s group have been honest and straight-forward, and are being clear about what they want.

“We would like to see a multi-wheel facility that is available for the whole of Colne, and not just a select group.”

Mr Stanford, who suggested the Glen Mills site in North Valley Road as a potential area for the skatepark, then went on to question who would be responsible for costs and insurance once the facility was built. He also asked whether the site would be flood-lit.

According to Rebecca Catterall, who is helping Amanda with the project, a multi-wheel facility would be the ideal solution for many young people and adults who enjoy activities such as skateboarding, bmx-ing and inline skating. Rebecca brings with her experience in community organisation, having just completed an honours degree in Community Leadership.

She said: “The current services for young people of all ages in Trawden and surrounding areas is very limited.

“Young people need something to have ownership of, to help them integrate in their community and involve them in outdoor pursuits that are accessible and free to all, unlike certain new facilities within the locality.

“Ball Grove Park is an ideal location as it is easy to access, not only from Trawden and Laneshaw Bridge, but also from Colne, and it has safe, well accessed routes. Similar schemes throughout the UK have met with resounding success.

“The people behind Trawden Skatepark Initiative are all volunteers from the local community that want to see action, not lip service. We are prepared to do the legwork, research and fund-raising to get this off the ground for our communities and our children.”

Visit for more information. Join the debate on the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages.