UKIP call for Lancashire Pride Week

Mick Waddington
Mick Waddington
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The UKIP candidate in Pendle at the General Election has called for Lancashire Day events in November to be part of a Lancashire Pride Week.

Michael Waddington said Lancashire had been a poor relation in Britain for too long – a reputation the county ill deserved.

“It is time to take stock of Lancashire’s contributions to national and international life and a week would be needed to do justice to them all,” he said.

Mr Waddington listed seven themes for a week of celebration:

Food – nowhere else in Britain has such a rich food heritage.

Football – the world’s most popular game started here in Lancashire.

Dancing – it was in Blackpool where mill workers on holidays learned to dance in ballrooms.

Textiles – the greatest concentration of textile talent in the world led to Lancashire clothing half the world by 1913.

Cinema – Manchester was for a time in the 1930s a rival to London in the production of movies.

Comedy – Lancashire has produced more comedians than anywhere from the greats of the radio days to more modern times.

Military – The Charge of the Light Brigade is famous for the folly of the Crimean War. Less well known is the Charge of The Heavy Brigade at Balaclava led by Burnley’s own Major Scarlett.