UPDATE: Eyewitness speaks out on £200k Ferrari wedding crasher

The �239k Ferarri was badly damaged. Pic by Lancashire Road Police
The �239k Ferarri was badly damaged. Pic by Lancashire Road Police
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An unlucky couple who hired out a sparkling white Ferrari for their wedding had their dreams dashed when the £200k supercar smashed into a wall.

The Ferrari 458 Spider, which costs up to £239,000, had it’s bonnet crushed and front headlights shattered when it collided with a concrete wall in Abel Street in Burnley at around 2pm.

Pictures of the wreckage have already gone viral online, with tweets from the Lancashire Road Police and North West Motorway Police.

Neighbour Javid Khan witnessed the aftermath of the smash.

He said: “I was visiting a friend and heard a loud crack from outside. We didn’t click on to what was going on until my friends nephew shouted, ‘come out and check this!’

“I saw two smartly dressed lads, and I believe one of them was the driver of the car. The younger lad looked really young.

“I didn’t see who else was with him - there was too much commotion going on.”

The car is believed to have been hired from high-class car hire company Platinum Executive Travel, which is based in Birmingham.

Their website advertises the expensive vehicle as ‘gorgeous’, with a folding top, a Formula 1 cockpit-style layout, and a specially designed roof to accommodate very tall passengers.

The website reads: “The driver is always in total control of the mighty 458 in all driving conditions. This is what Ferrari call the Human Machine Interface which really does put the driver in total control.”

No one is reported to have been injured in the crash.