Urgent calls following deliberate Trawden grass fire

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Parents have been urged to remain aware of where their children are this Summer following a grass fire in Trawden.

Chris Waring, station manager at Nelson Fire Station, has also asked that youngsters are informed of the potential consequences of starting deliberate fires.

His calls come after firefighters were called to a blaze involving grass and logs near to Dean Street at around 2-25pm yesterday.

One fire engine from Colne was sent to the incident, and an investigation was undertaken at the scene.

As a result the details of two youths have been passed to Lancashire Police for further investigation.

Mr Waring said: “The attendance of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service at incidents such as moorland, grass or woodland fires can be a huge drain on our resources. These resources may be required at other critical incidents.

“These types of incidents can also spread and develop into more significant incidents which can cause damage to property.

“We would ask that as the summer holidays start parents are aware of what there children are doing and the potential consequences of deliberate fires.”

If you suspect any deliberate fires call Crime-Stoppers anonymously on 0800555111.