VIDEO: Capital gains for Colne primary school pupils

Pupils from a Colne primary school have shared their exciting experiences after visiting the Big Smoke.

Fourteen Lord Street Primary School council members went down to Westminster to get a taste of life in Parliament.

Lord Street Primary School pupils after their trip to London

Lord Street Primary School pupils after their trip to London

They were joined by four staff members, including headteacher Duncan Hetherington, and one volunteer.

During their two-day trip the group toured the Houses of Parliament, took part in a “Your Voice” lesson, walked along Downing Street, and quizzed Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson on how he came to be involved in politics.

On the first day they were also able to play tourist and visit iconic sites, including Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The trip was organised by school council leader and Year 3 teacher Julie Wainman, who said: “Everywhere we went everybody was accommodating and considerate. The children’s behaviour was excellent.”

Following their outing, the children took part in a video with the Colne Times, and they will also be documenting their time in London in a diary. They raised the money to go on the trip by holding fund-raising events, including bake sales.

Lucie Dowd (11) said: “My favourite thing was when we went on the tubes and went to the Houses of Parliament.

“We saw Buckingham Palace, and we saw the big statue outside of it.

“We talked to Andrew Stephenson and he taught us that we should be heard.”

Katie Johnson (11) added: “Andrew taught me that when I am older I can become anything I want, if I put my mind to it. [I like being on the school council because] we get to help people and it makes you feel better.”