VIDEO: Colne stroke victim’s miraculous journey

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Today we share this touching and heartfelt video reflecting on the miraculous journey of a Colne stroke victim.

Charlotte Neve (8), of Oak Street, suffered a rare brain haemorrhage and a series of strokes back in 2012.

She was in a coma for two days and, when she came round, was in a locked-in state, unable to speak, move or blink.

But against all the odds, the West Street Primary School pupil has pulled through and is amazing her family each day with her progress. She has just been awarded the Stroke Association’s Children and Young People’s award, and is learning to walk and talk again.

In this footage, given to us by the Stroke Association, Charlotte’s mum Leila looks back on her daughter’s rollercoaster of a year.

She said: “It has been fantastic watching her remember how to be Charlotte.

“She’s never once whinged, never once said ‘why me?’, never once said she can’t.”

For more on Charlotte’s journey, see Leila’s column in Leader Times Newspapers on the first Friday of every month.