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Anthony Allen from Shades Painters and Decorators are running a Facebook competition asking for entries for a free decorating job
Anthony Allen from Shades Painters and Decorators are running a Facebook competition asking for entries for a free decorating job
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A Colne painter and decorator offering a free job to one lucky reader has drawn up a worthy shortlist after reading heart-wrenching entries.

Anthony Allen of Shades Painters and Decorators, based at the Karcher Centre in Windy Bank, is offering his services free of charge having opened up the competition.

Judging the entries were Mr Allen, his wife Leonie, Lyndsey Sample of Click Distribution and Leader Times Newspapers reporter Will Cook.

Mr Allen said: “We got a good number of responses, some of which really brought a tear to the eye as you were reading them.

“It was so difficult narrowing down to a shortlist of three because all the entries had their merits.

“However, we had to chose three and it is now over to the good people of Pendle who I hope will take the time to read and vote.”

Please vote on the Pendle Today Facebook page simply by commenting with “Story One”, “Story Two” or “Story Three”.

Alternatively, you can send your choice via post the same way, sending your entry to Will Cook, Leader Times Newspapers, Bull Street, Burnley, BB11 1DP.

You only get one vote and entries must be received by 4pm on Friday, February 20th. Names and addresses in original nominations that could lead to identifying the nominees have been removed to make it as anonymous as possible.

Story One

“I would like to nominate my mum. She has brought myself and four brothers up on her own in the early 1970s, worked three jobs to keep us all clothed and fed.

“She ended up disabled as a result of a back injury and in 2013 ended up being evicted from her property due to the landlord moving back in.

“My mum has always been there for me and my son and also supporting me when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, so I would like to do something nice to thank her for everything.

“Herself and my stepfather have now moved and I know she would love somebody to decorate a room for her. I do hope you will consider this nomination. Thank you.”

Story Two

“I nominate my mum and dad to have a room decorated in their house as a result of your competition.

“After a very horrific year for the family where mum was diagnosed with incurable cancer, they have both remained more positive than anyone could imagine.

“They never ever ask for help and although she is on chemotherapy daily she spends all her time helping others.

“Supporting a charity group, taking people to appointments and doing shopping for old people are among the things she does daily.

“ She is a selfless, amazing woman and their back dining room or living room could do with doing up as it hasn’t been done for a decade.”

Story Three

“I would like to nominate my 12-year-old daughter to have her bedroom decorated. She has Autism and struggles every day to cope with her condition.

“She has recently started high school and suffers from bullying from other girls but still manages to be a good girl at school and gets fantastic grades.

“She spends most of her time studying in her bedroom or reading so she does not fall behind and always gives 100% in everything she does.

“I would love her to win this so she had a lovely room to study in. Her room is very tired looking and also a bit babyish now for her.

“A more grown up room would be a fantastic surprise for her. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. A very proud mummy.”