WANTED: All the unusual suspects

Carole Taylor and Coun. David Clegg
Carole Taylor and Coun. David Clegg
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“WANTED” for recycling!  That’s the message going out to 39,000 homes as Pendle Council hand delivers its recycling and refuse collections calendars.

Coun. David Clegg who leads on recycling explained: “The theme for the cover of this year’s calendar is a WANTED poster.

“That’s because we’re keen to round up more items we’re calling the unusual suspects because people often don’t realise they can recycle them,” he said.

The wanted items include metal chocolate, biscuit and sweet tins people often get over the festive season.

They also include aerosol cans, plastic shampoo and kitchen cleaner bottles with the lids put in separately and clean silver foil.

“We often find that people are putting items into their grey waste bin which should go into their brown bin for recycling,” said Coun. Clegg.

Carole Taylor Pendle Council’s Waste Management Co-ordinator said: “Look out for these tips on recycling more in the new calendar landing on your doormat!

“On the back there are collection dates for December 2016 to November 2017 including changes to collections over Christmas and New Year.

“Hang on to it, put it on your fridge door or kitchen notice-board and refer to throughout the year,” she said.

“It sets out clearly what goes in which container and helps people to recycle more,” she explained.

Details about recycling and waste including which containers to use are also on our website www.pendle.gov.uk/recyclingandrefuse

The information leaflet also features a range of other useful services Pendle Council offers.

These include commercial waste and recycling collections for businesses and bulky waste collections for local residents and businesses.

“People often don’t know that for a modest charge Pendle Council can collect DIY items such as bathroom suites, kitchen units, bricks and rubble and dispose of them safely,” said Coun. Clegg.

“This can be a very handy service for anyone buying in the New Year sales and doing some DIY work at home,” he added.