Water safety advice issued after Colne rescue drama

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LANCASHIRE Fire and Rescue Service says, on average, between 40 and 50 children drown each year in the UK, and in the light of a drama in Colne Water, last week, when three young boys fell out of a dinghy into freezing water, has offered the following advice:

There is no supervision by lifeguards to help you if you get into trouble.

The water is often a lot colder than you expect and it can impact on your physical capabilities. Just because you can swim well in a warm pool doesn’t mean you will be able to swim well in cold water.

It can be deep and it’s difficult to estimate the depth before you get in.

You can jump in, but can you get out? Often, people can’t find a suitable place to get out of the water due to steep, slimy banks or sides.

There is no way of knowing what lies beneath the surface of the water. There could be shopping trolleys, opened tin cans or broken bottles.

If it is polluted, it could make you ill.

There may be hidden currents.

Never drink alcohol during or just before swimming or while carrying out activities such as boating or water skiing.

If you are going to go swimming, ensure someone is nearby so you can shout for help if you get into difficulties.