West Craven candidates want your vote in the Pendle election on Thursday

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With the West Craven electorate set to go to the polls in Pendle Council’s election on Thursday, the candidates explain why they should get your vote.


Marjorie Adams (LD)

“I am standing again as a candidate in the local elections because I want to continue working for the people of our town. I have been privileged to represent residents of Coates Ward for the past 14 years. I’ve always worked hard on behalf of local people and done my best to sort out problems, large and small in the ward. I hope, with voters’ support, to carry on doing so for another four years.

“I’m heavily involved with voluntary work in Barnoldswick. I spend a lot of time helping run the Frank Street Centre and chair two environmental groups, Barnoldswick in Bloom and the Garden Gate association. I care very much about Barnoldswick’s environment. When I stood for election four years ago, I pledged to help make Barnoldswick bloom. It was really good to see the hard work of residents and volunteers rewarded with a gold medal in the regional Britain in Bloom event last year.

“I’ll continue to fight for decent services for Barnoldswick and for a fair share of funding from Pendle and the county council.

“Everyone knows I am not very political! I will always do what’s best for Barnoldswick and for everyone who lives here.”

Keith Bailey (Con)

“I have been your County Councillor for the last three years. Brought up in Barnoldswick all my life, I attended Gisburn Road School and later West Craven High School. I am now a governor at both schools and play an active part.

“A family man, married for 11 years with a seven-year-old I respect family values. In my role as your County Councillor I have been actively fighting for the people of West Craven and lobbied hard for essential services to remain in Barnoldswick, not least to keep the much loved and used waste recycling centre on West Close Road; arguing for it to be kept open and to close the site in Colne instead. This shows that we are on the edge of Pendle and without a strong voice we would have been forgotten. A strong voice for a new Church of England Primary School to be built and seeking investment in West Craven High School, an unprecedented amount of spending in educational facilities and the future of our children in Barnoldswick. If elected I will continue to encourage investment in employment, education and training to make Barnoldswick a better place to live and work.”

Christopher McKimm (Lab)

“I am very pleased to have been selected to be the Labour Candidate for Coates 2012. I was brought up on Fenton Avenue on Coates, and I have fantastic memories of how close the community relationships were between residents.

“I am 34 years old and an ex-Army soldier, who is currently studying for a degree in Public Services at the fantastic University of Central Lancashire in Burnley. I am now willing to serve the people of Barnoldswick as one of their Pendle councillors. Barnoldswick has a natural affinity with the Labour Party and was proud to be home for our last Labour MP, Gordon Prentice.

“I am keen to hear the views and feelings of Barnoldswick residents as I feel we are all fed up with the Lib Dem Tory coalition and their broken promises, and are ready to send them a message. People of West Craven want to regain the feeling of community spirit and I believe I am the right person to help bring it back.”


Dorothy Baxter (UKIP)

“I am 72 years of age and have lived in Barnoldswick all my life. I only became interested in politics in 1997 when I heard Sir James Goldsmith on the radio, talking about the European Union and how it was already affecting Britain. Everything he said was true. I have watched as our political parties of all persuasions have signed away our rights to govern ourselves. I have stood at one local election and two general elections in Blackburn. My reason for standing was and still is to tell the truth. We need a referendum and both sides equally represented so that people can make an informed choice.

“I am told I need to campaign on local issues. I agree these are important, but if you are on a sinking ship - the EU - you will still go down with the ship.”

Kenneth Hartley (LD)

“I am standing as a candidate in the local elections because I believe it’s essential that the voice of local people is heard and acted upon at Pendle Council. The election is about local issues and who is best to represent Barnoldswick at the borough council.

“Through strong and active teamwork, I will work hard to ensure that taxpayers of Barnoldswick receive a fair share of both services and funding from Pendle. I will devote myself to being a dedicated representative for local residents at all levels of local government.

“I am passionate about what happens in Barnoldswick. I have campaigned on local issues since being elected to the town council and have worked hard on the council’s activities and events, such as Barnoldswick Beach and the Visit Barnoldswick brochure and website. I intend to continue to do so. I am heavily involved with planning activities for the Diamond Jubilee. I will defend our green fields, rural countryside, heritage and way of life against any form of destruction or exploitation. In particular I would like to see the creation of an effective neighbourhood plan to help protect the town from unwanted development.

“I’ll work to keep Barnoldswick a vibrant town.”

David Johns (Lab)

“I am delighted that the Labour party has selected me to be their candidate for Craven in the May local elections. As a recently retired full-time worker in the public sector, I am very well aware of the hardships and uncertainties being imposed on all levels of society by the “slash and burn” policies of the Lib Dems and Conservatives, and I’m conscious of the need to work hard to protect our public services and to help the needy and vulnerable in our area.

“As a lifelong resident of Pendle, I believe I have the knowledge and skills to help make Barnoldswick a better place for all its residents. I hope to meet many of you over the next few weeks - together the Labour team can make a real difference.”

Suzanne Langtree (Con)

“I have lived most of my life in Barnoldswick; educated at St Joseph’s School in Barnoldswick and Ss John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Humanities College, Colne, then Nelson and Colne College. After leaving full time education I worked for my late father Alan Langtree in his accountancy and building society business. For the past nine years I have worked for ASDA in Burnley.

“Being a single mum I understand how to make every penny count. It’s not easy being a single parent but I’ve juggled my job with bringing up my kids. Running the council is like running your home; it’s just good housekeeping. Recently I became a governor at Gisburn Road Primary School. I see education as a top priority for Barnoldswick and support the building of a new Church of England School and the refurbishment of West Craven High Technology College.”


Rosemary Carroll (Con)

“I was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire, and have lived in the Pendle area all my life.

“I have been married to Tony for 26 years. Having lived in Kelbrook and Earby for the last 33 years I now live in Earby with Tony and my mother-in-law Edith who is 95. I also run a business in Earby, which I have done for the last 33 years. I do understand a lot of the problems people face having a small business and looking after a elderly relative is not easy.

“I am also Treasurer of the Earby Mines Museum and Trustee of Earby and Kelbrook Senior Citizens (voluntary).

“For 16 years I was on Pendle Council as councillor for the Earby Ward. Four years ago I took a back seat and did not stand for re-election. But I believe that you have to stand up and fight for what you think is right and can assure readers that if elected at this year’s local elections I will endeavour to continue to fight for this area, as I feel that there is a lot still to do. “

Doris Haigh (LD)

“I’m standing for Pendle Council again because I am so angry at how people in our area are being treated. After 30 years of developing community services and facilities, I am sickened at the cuts for youngsters and older people.

“The Earby area is last in the line for services; first in the queue for cuts when our area is threatened by overdevelopment. We only have half a beat bobby! The cop shop is closed. Our library could be up for the chop and our council shop is under threat. Even our displays of spring flowers in Sough Park and on Colne Road have been axed.

“I’m determined to speak up for all the people in Earby, Kelbrook, Salterforth and Sough.

“I am heavily involved with community activities at New Road Community Centre and co-ordinate the community minibus which I fought to get several years ago. It was shameful how the county council pulled out of the centre. Everyone knows spending has to be reduced, but our area is having more than its fair share of cuts. With the threat of many more new houses, the town and villages of Earby Ward should get more services and facilities, not less.”

James Jackman (Eng Dem)

“One year on from being elected onto Earby Town Council, James has set the standard for all local politicians to aim for.

“He has achieved a 100% attendance record for all full council and committee meetings and has recently been elected chairman of the environment committee. James has also worked hard over the winter period gritting the roads and pavements, rushing out sand bags to affected homes, removing graffiti from the usual grot spots and ensuring the repair of pot holes and installations of drop kerbs in the ward.

“James was also responsible for the emergency Town Council meeting with the police chief inspector which resulted in better officers being transferred to our area and a new Earby base for our PCSO. James has proven his worth as a town councillor in just one short year, he’s got stuck in, got his hands dirty and gets the job done.

‘I want to represent Earby Ward on Pendle Council to ensure I’m in the best possible position to serve the people of the ward properly. Whilst the old lib/lab/con spew forth their empty promises and take no action, I’m working hard to make Earby ward a better place to live.’

“Show your support for the work James is doing, vote James Jackman on Thursday, May 3rd.”

Robert Oliver (Lab)

I taught French and German at Nelson and Colne College for over 20 years and was the University and Colleges Union branch secretary there. I have held many posts in Pendle Labour Party, including General Election agent in 2005, after which I worked as a researcher and caseworker in Gordon Prentice’s constituency office.

It’s time there were some Labour Councillors again in West Craven to fight the cuts from government, the county council and Pendle Council. Earby has lost its police station, and cuts to the police presence in the village have led to an increase in youth disturbance. And it’s surely no coincidence that after Government easing of planning laws Salterforth, also in Earby ward, has got a massive application recommended for approval. If it goes ahead it could increase the size of the village by up to 40%.