West Craven response times ‘not good enough’

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Craven councillors have again requested that Pendle Council officers should write to the boss of NHS England about continued poor ambulance response times.

Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee was told that North West Ambulance Service statistics for January, February, March and April showed that 30%, 50%, 33.3% and 16.7% of the most important Red One calls were reached within the eight minute target time in the respective months.

April, May and June’s figures however showed that ambulances had reached , at best, just 25% of the most critical Red One calls within the eight minute target time – just three of 14 total Red One calls in that period.

Statistics for Pendle as a whole showed 63.9%, 63% and 57% of Red One calls were reached within eight minutes for the respective months.

Councillors had requested further details from the NWAS to establish how close the service was to achieving the target times.

The NWAS gave figures for 10 West Craven response times greater than eight minutes for the April to June period, with the soonest after the target time at 9mins 45secs approximately and the longest at 19mins 30secs approximately. Nine of the 10 were longer than 10 minutes and five 16 minutes or longer.

Coun. Ken Hartley said: “This time, they can’t even make better than 25% in West Craven. It isn’t good enough and I think it’s time we sent a follow up letter to Simon Stevens, as boss of the NHS, highlighting the fact that the statistics are getting progressively worse not better and the services are not capable of supporting the people in West Craven.”

On a regional basis the NWAS is expected to reach 75% of Red One calls within eight minutes, but statistics show it missed its target for April.