What will be the biggest album of 2016?

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It’s time to dust off the crystal ball and predict the big albums of the next 12 months, probably with the accuracy of a dodgy weatherman!

I’m just going to have a look at the established artists as that’s easier than predicting which up-and-coming singers will breakthrough in 2016. Plus usually when I do that it turns into the kiss of death for that singer’s career!

Darren Milby, presenter with The Bay radio, with Faye Bowness in the studio on St George's Quay.

Darren Milby, presenter with The Bay radio, with Faye Bowness in the studio on St George's Quay.

This is a risky one as the album may be out by the time you read this, it may not. Rihanna with her long-awaited ‘Anti.’ She has been teasing the imminent release of her eighth album for weeks and it may appear at any time. She used to give us an album every Christmas but fans have now had to wait three years so anticipation is huge.

Kanye West is never shy at coming forward and he has been saying exciting things about his forthcoming album. In the same vain as Rihanna it could appear at any time. Surprise albums are all the rage now, although it’s not that much of a surprise if we are expecting it.

Black Eyed Peas have revealed they are working on new material, their first in quite a while. They have never released a flop so expect big things from Will I Am, Fergie and co.

Radiohead are the subject of more rumours than a dodgy politician. They have been in the studio so there is the chance of a new album. I also heard a whisper about Glastonbury.

Speaking of festivals, Red Hot Chilli Peppers are headlining a number in the summer. Are they doing this to promote a new record?

Christina Aguilera is a huge talent. Her last few records have failed to do the business but she has been teasing new material for 2016. I wonder if the time is right for Christina to have another huge hit.

While we are on pop divas, Katy Perry will be releasing album number four this year.

Lady Gaga lost her way with the last album ‘Art Pop’ but she has been spotted working with Mark Ronson and several of the team behind her biggest hits. Potentially the Lady and her little monsters could be one of the big hits of the year.