Which ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees are least likely to land you a job?

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The Government wants to root out so-called “Mickey Mouse” degrees, by making universities publish the amount of time students spend in classes with a teacher and what their average earnings are after graduation.

But the worst degrees for job prospects are not necessarily the most obscure. Traditional subjects such as History, French and English Literature are among the least helpful when it comes to employment.

Worldwide, degrees such as The Science of Harry Potter, Golf Management and Star Trek have been ridiculed, but statistics from the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency tell a different story.

Here is their top 20 of least employable degrees...

1. Geography

2. Sport science

3. Criminology

4. History

5. French

6. Primary Education

7. Media studies

8. Ancient History

9. Film Studies

10. Accountancy

11. Events management

12. Sociology

13. English language

14. Business management

15. Advertising

16. English Literature

17. Sports and business management

18. Music

19. Religious studies and theology

20. Psychology