WiFi business boost for Pendle town centres

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The Conservative-led administration at Pendle Council is thought to be the first in Lancashire to install WiFi in its town centres in a bid to further secure the future of its high streets.

The council has been very proactive in boosting business on the high street through a range of incentives such as shop front and business start up grants.

The council’s Executive agreed that £100,000 should be set aside to look at introducing WiFi in its town centres, with Barnoldswick followed by Colne being the pilots, at its meeting on Thursday night.

It is hoped the scheme will be rolled out across the borough in due course.

Coun. Paul White, who is the borough’s portfolio holder for growth and town centres, said: “This will be fantastic for supporting our high streets.

“We won’t just be building something that gives people free internet access across our towns. It will also give businesses the chance to bring in the customers too through its landing page”.

“It’s worked really well in other places like Settle, and as far as we know we’ll be the first borough in Lancashire to do this. It’s just part of our new £800,000 package to support growth in Pendle”.

“Our high streets have bucked the national trend, particularly in Colne and Barnoldswick, and we want to continue doing so.

“We’ve got a fantastic set of businesses and shopkeepers. This is about further supporting them.”

Leader of the council, Coun. Joe Cooney, said: “This was something Lyle Davy, one of our new councillors, asked us to look at, and we looked and thought what a great idea.”

“It’s being looked at as part of our ongoing commitment to the economy in Pendle.

“Securing and growing business and securing jobs are top priorities for me.

“Our message is clear. We’re open for business and we’re here to support our hardworking shopkeepers”.