Woman lands herself in Burnley court after smashing Sambuca bottle over her boyfriend's head during drunken row in street

The defendant admitted police assault and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards her partner.
The defendant admitted police assault and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards her partner.

A young mum smashed a Sambuca bottle over her boyfriend's head in the street after wrestling him to the ground during a drunken row, a court heard.

Scarlett Kinsella, who had been stood over Shaun Waring, then pulled her injured partner down the street by his jacket after he got to his feet.

A witness, who had seen the attack and was calling the police, shouted to 23-year-old Kinsella to let him go and was met with: 'Wait til I see you, you bitch.'

Burnley magistrates were told when police arrived at the 9.30pm trouble, 'alcohol - dependent' Kinsella ended up booting a policewoman as she was being arrested.

Mother-of-one Kinsella and Waring, her partner of five years, had, according to her, an 'ok' relationship during the week, but at weekends they would leave their child with grandma and start drinking.

CCTV showed Kinsella had earlier been repeatedly punched in the face by Waring. She had 'retaliated' with the bottle attack, but neither had made a complaint against the other.

Kinsella and Waring are on benefits and Kinsella receives employment and support allowance as she considered unfit for work. They are back together after the violence on May 10th.

Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, said the witness was at home on Belgrave Street, Nelson, when she saw a man and a woman walking down the street. The woman was carrying two big bottles- one in each hand -and the pair appeared to be arguing.

Mrs Mann said the woman grabbed hold of the man in a wrestling-type hold and dragged him to the ground.

She stood over him as he was on his back, preventing him from getting up, held a bottle by its neck and struck him over the head, causing the bottle to smash.

The man, who was shouting for someone to call the police, eventually got to his feet and was staggering. The woman then got hold of his jacket and started dragging him down the street. Both parties were then put into a taxi, but the driver refused to leave and police arrived.

Mrs Mann continued:" Mr Waring is described as being extremely unsteady on his feet and drunk.

"He did have an injury. He said he had fallen over. It was clear from the member of the public that was not what had happened.

"This lady was arrested and as she was being arrested she kicked out at the officer, hitting her on the leg."

Miss Cathryn Fell, defending Kinsella, said she and her partner had been drinking, he had come back with a bottle of Sambuca and she became a bit anxious 'because of what he gets like when he has had too much to drink.'

The defendant took the bottle off him and he became very angry and assaulted her.

The solicitor continued:" They have been together for five years, but she accepts there is an issue when they have both had something to drink."

Miss Fell said of the police assault :" She says she was pepper sprayed. She says she has got anxiety problems and doesn't like closed spaces.

"She kicked out. It was a reckless assault on the police officer."

A probation officer who interviewed Kinsella, said:" She described her relationship as generally OK during the week. They tend to leave the child with grandma so they can consume alcohol over the weekend, which is a cause for concern."

The officer said Kinsella had self-referred to Inspire ( the alcohol treatment service). She suffered from anxiety and depression, was on medication and was not able to leave the house alone or go on public transport. The officer told the court:"'She vows to become a better person by addressing her underlying issues."

Kinsella, of Valley Close, Nelson, admitted police assault and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards Waring. She was given a 12-month community order, with a 25- day rehabilitation activity requirement and a six-month alcohol treatment programme. The defendant was fined £50 and was told to pay £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

Waring (30) of the same address, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour against Kinsella. The defendant will be sentenced on Wednesday, July 10th.