Woman left to face drug dealers by fleeing boyfriend

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A 23-YEAR-OLD Nelson woman was left “holding the baby” after drug dealers decided she should inherit her partner’s debts after he did a runner.

Blackburn magistrates heard Leah George had fallen out with her boyfriend when she discovered he had drugs in the house they shared with their three children.

She flushed his drugs down the toilet and that brought the relationship to an end despite the fact she was pregnant.

But she ended up facing his dealers who wanted their money back and blamed her for disposing of the drugs and went shoplifting to try and make ends meet.

George, of Carleton Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to stealing spirits and clothing worth £114 from Asda in Accrington. She was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Mr Trevor Grice (defending) said after the row which ended with the drugs being flushed down the toilet, the boyfriend fled to Rochdale, leaving George to face the music.

“The drug dealers came to her house and told her she was responsible for their loss,” said Mr Grice. “She was desperate for money even after arranging a loan from the credit union which went straight to the dealers. She is now pregnant by the man who brought all this on her and then fled.”