Woman rescued from river in Barrowford

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Firefighters were called to rescue a woman who had fallen into the river in Barrowford.

Teams were called out at 8pm to help the woman who had been found by walkers in the ater, off Barleydale Road.

The fire service reported the woman was discovered in the middle of the river, calling for help after she had fallen from the pathway, down the embankment. It seemed she had have travelled down river some distance before being able to grab hold of some rocks.

Two firefighters wearing specialist water rescue clothing went into the river to help the woman out of the water and supported her as she climbed a triple extension ladder back to the path, where she was treated by paramedics.

Fire-fighters praised the quick thinking of the walkers in calling the emergency services and said: “The circumstances could have been very different if no one had heard her calls.

“The cold temperature of the water even in these warmer months can be deceiving, also it is difficult to estimate the depth of the water and can vary greatly even in smaller rivers.”