Worker airlifted to hospital after garage accident

Police and the Air Ambulance on the fair site off Carr Road, Nelson.
Police and the Air Ambulance on the fair site off Carr Road, Nelson.

A garage worker was airlifted to hospital by a helicopter after an accident in the workshop in Nelson.

Victim Imran Mohammed (34), who lives in Brierfield, was injured by a car he was working on.

Emergency services went Norfolk Street Garage – but the air ambulance was sent out from Manchester and lots of people saw it flying around Nelson, especially over the Morrisons store.

It landed on the empty fairground site opposite Victoria Park on Carr Road, which used to be Nelson Football Club’s ground until they moved into their Victoria Park site decades ago.

The air ambulance crew, apart from the pilot, then went up the hill to the garage. And while the helicopter was waiting there, several children went to have a look and were fascinated!

An ambulance transported Imran to the air ambulance which then took him to Royal Preston Hospital.

He said: “I am a part-time worker at the garage. I pulled the car up on a jack and I put axle safety stands under it. I was just working on one of wheels and the jack slipped and just hit me.

“Imran Aslam, the garage owner, persuaded me to stay there to stay safe, and called an ambulance.”

And he added: “It was a bit an embarrassment that they lifted me to hospital in a helicopter, but after I’d been there for 10 minutes they said I would be going home later that day. The jack moved slightly and just banged my arm. Imran decided that we wouldn’t take risks.

“I was pleased that they all helped me – both the garage staff including Imran, and the emergency services! I’m fine now!”

And Imran said: “I’m really pleased that Imran’s doing well now – and the safety move was good.”