Yet another fire at Pendle farm

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Firefighters have again had to go up Knotts Lane in Colne to deal with lots of rubbish on fire on farmland.

On Sunday morning fire engines from both Colne and Nelson went to deal with the fire at Hubbs House Farm, which is a long way off Knotts Lane on a private track.

Crew Manager Keith Whitley from Colne Fire Station said: “There were two piles of large rubbish on fire. It was a different location to previous ones but on the same farm’s land.”

The engines went in on a different route to get to it. They were called out at around 10am, and they spend about an hour and a half dealing with it, spraying water to fight it down. But in the end they stopped it blazing.

Fire crews have had to make a series of emergency calls to deal with big rubbish fires on the farmland there.