Your help is needed in memorial update

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A PROJECT has been launched in Barnoldswick to fully recognise the sacrifice of the town’s servicemen during the First World War.

The Barlick War Memorial Group has formed with the initial intention of adding missing names from the 1914-1918 conflict to the memorial on Wellhouse Road.

Ultimately, the group would also like to produce a book which will tell the stories of all the servicemen, who were either born or lived in Barnoldswick, before they lost their lives. Members would then like to turn their attention to other wars.

A spokesman for the group explained: “The discovery that the names of some of the servicemen from Barnoldswick who lost their lives in the First World War are not on the town’s memorial was made during research for another war related event that had a large impact on the town - the sinking of HMHS Rohilla.

“The tragedy is mentioned in the book ‘Craven’s Part in the Great War’, copies of which were given to those who had served and survived, and to the families of those who did not.

“Looking through this gave birth to the idea of producing a more localised version, which is already in part in place on the OneGuyFromBarlick website.”

While there are 285 names of First World War servicemen on the town’s war memorial, research by the group using the commemorative book and online sources has found details of more than 300 men.

Those missing include two who were born and lived in Barnoldswick and nine who were born elsewhere but came to live in Barnoldswick.

The list of missing names also includes one serviceman who was awarded the Military Medal and Croix de guerre.

The spokesman continued: “We would like to thank Chris Foster and his team at the website for Craven’s Part in the Great War for allowing us to access the material that they have worked so hard to accumulate.

“There are men’s names missing from the memorial on the specific wishes of their families, and in order to ensure that what we are trying to achieve does not offend or cause distress to any surviving relatives, then we must be informed.

“If any of the readers have information that may be useful, or have concerns about their possible inclusion on the memorial then please let us know. There may also be descendants living in other parts of Pendle who can help.”

He added: “There are stories about the sinking of the Lusitania and the dramatic rescue of a man who lost his wife in that terrible event, later to lose his own life in the First World War. There is much material that is moving, and personal to local families, most of it has been seen before, but not by our generation. It is almost certain that there will be a time in the future when this kind of thing becomes irrelevant. Let it not be our fault.”

The missing names so far researched are Pte Arthur Green, Pte Edmondson Pickles, Pte John Fay, Gunner Peter Barrett, L/Cpl John Robert Nicholson, Pte James Hargraves, Pte James Wilson, Pte William Dowd, Sgt George A Golding, Sgt James H Crowther and Sgt John Wilson.

Anyone with information can pass it to the group via