An ‘injustice’ has been done in Burnley Wood

Burnley Wood Community Centre which is to be demolished.'Photo Ben Parsons
Burnley Wood Community Centre which is to be demolished.'Photo Ben Parsons
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I read with amazement the letter from Coun. Townsend, which states the process to hand over the leisure land of Glebe Street to building land to appease the developers, was done legally and correctly by the Labour Executive.

At last he is admitting the decision to hand over the land, which includes the children’s centre in Glebe Street, was done by his Labour Executive with full support from the council’s senior management team. Something he and Burnley Labour Party have been denying for months and were accusing the Liberal Democrats of.

Regarding the “Save our Children’s Play Centre” campaign, on every occasion we put up some very strong points to stop this dreadful, unneeded action taking place, only to find the Labour councillors were determined to vote against it at all costs, trying to end any hope of retaining the land or building.

Coun. Townsend says the decision he made, with the help of his five fellow Labour Executive and three members of the council’s senior management team, to allow the land to be used for building and in the process demolish the children’s play centre, was right.

I’m sorry Coun.Townsend but you all got it wrong, and there are 2,000 plus people in Burnley Wood that think the same way, as you would have seen if you had listened to them and taken notice of the objection letters, instead of choosing to totally ignore them. As for challenging the decision, it’s called democracy, Coun. Townsend. People have the right to challenge decisions if they feel an injustice has been done, which we know there has been in this case and that’s why we challenged it and will continue to do so as the process goes along.

As for the costs, the council has reserves of over £5m. sitting in the bank for challenges just like this. As for wasting tax-payers’ money, the Labour Party has an unblemished track record of doing such a thing over the decades while in charge in Burnley.

Coun. Jeff Sumner

Rosehill with Burnley Wood