Are the Lib-Dems running scared?

Julie Cooper
Julie Cooper
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I read with interest the article you published on the decision by the Labour Party to have an all female shortlist.

I also noted the comments by Hywel Morgan the Lib Dem agent for the 2010 election, calling on Julie Copper to step aside. Is this a sign that the Lib Dems are running scared?

I wonder what their next move would be if she where to stand down. Would we then see their campaign asking what a candidate from another part of the country can possibly know about the needs of Burnley?

It seems to me the Lib Dems not only want to select their own candidate but they also want to select the Labour one as well. Would they also like to select the Conservative candidate? If they would, may I suggest they get a candidate from say the USA or Canada as long as they are British citizens.

How desperate are they?

John Fifield