Ashamed at how disabled drivers are treated

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I feel embarrassed being a former Mayor of Burnley, a former councillor, former county councillor and many other things.

I am angry at all that has been said in the paper.

Since I left, the borough council and county council must have lost their way completely.

I am a blue badge holder, I have got no legs and I am 78. I was fined £50 last year while parking in a disabled bay which was clearly marked as a disabled bay.

I feel ashamed to have been a councillor for them now to be conducting themselves in such a disgraceful fashion towards disabled drivers.

Then, when I got the ticket, I spoke to the traffic warden who told me the penalties are sent off somewhere down the other end of the country.

I would hope there was someone on the council with enough wit to inquire how these things operate.

Why do they send them down south? They could at least penalise people in their own part of the country.

I would like my money back!

James Wyld

Former Mayor of Burnley