Borough councillors need lessons on how to do their job

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Coun. Janet Whincup’s letter last week makes me wish we had councillors of her calibre in Nelson. While I do not want to tar all our borough and town councillors with the same brush, it is more than obvious many of them emulate our namesake by turning a blind eye to problems in their wards.

For example, I know of one ward councillor whose daily walk to work takes him past a back street popular with flytippers.

Does he report the rubbish? Well, judging by the length of time it remains there before I asked for it to be moved, he clearly does not.

Another seems totally unaware of litter immediately outside his house. Perhaps Coun. Whincup could give them some lessons on how the job should be done.

In the final paragraphs of her letter, Coun. Whincup says town councils are being asked to take on more and more responsibilities from the borough council, which brings me full circle to a question I asked in an earlier letter which is, if this is the way our towns are to be run in the future, why do we need so many borough councillors?

Surely it is only common sense that if they have less work to do then their numbers should be cut back and the taxpayer saved some money.

G. Metcalfe

Smith Street, Nelson