Calling all victim of parking Mafia

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Some weeks ago you printed a letter protesting about the excessive fines being applied in the Dog Inn car park in Whalley.

Our politicians always seem to remain quiet on the issue. At best they say fines should be “proportionate”, but what does this mean? Should they be twice the parking charge (quite reasonable and not worth challenging), or 60 times (Clitheroe Council’s rate), or 100 times (as in Whalley)? Why not 1,000 times?

Victims of the parking Mafias might be interested in a mass action campaign run by a young Cambridge law graduate, who is asking victims to register so he can launch a class legal action.

You can find out more about the campaign on his website (

I do hope he succeeds.

Dr Christopher S. Holmes,

Kingsmill Avenue, Whalley