Caring team helped after cat attacked

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Tom and Sue would like to thank everyone who has donated money, time, good thoughts and prayers to help our cat Tara have a speedy recovery. These include Stanley House vets – special mention to Helen Pratt and the rest of the nurses for their tenderness helping Tara in her painful recovery.

The PDSA, who helped us financially, as we were suddenly left with a huge vets’ bill (nearly £600). Our many friends, family and well-wishers, who not only helped and supported us financially, but who send lots of healing thoughts to us and Tara.

To our MP Andrew Stephenson, the RSPCA and Cat Protection, who helped give us advice on the legal side of things.

Our local Waterside Action Group, who helped with advice and support, who encouraged us to take it further.

And finally the police, without whom the prosecution would not have taken place.

The dog laws are still a bit difficult to control and understand and we do need to have clarification on such. Any cat, dog or person who is attacked by another out-of-control dog should be treated with the same amount of dignity and respect.

Sue Bryant-Lauder