CCTV could be used to catch litter louts

CCTV cameras
CCTV cameras
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I have never liked the idea of being watched in the manner of George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother.’

CCTV is a great help in controlling criminal activities and apprehending offenders, other methods of observation, such as on the road, have become an unwelcome part of life for most road users.

Mainly we are told for matters of safety, more likely to fill the coffers of hard-up councils.

However they are missing out on a bonanza.

I refer to the disgusting amount of rubbish littering the verges after being thrown from vehicles.

It’s worse at junctions and traffic lights where occupants of vehicles have the compulsion to throw out rubbish as they wait.

What an opportunity.

A few cameras conveniently placed at such spots would not only add to income, but do most of us a favour by

perhaps reducing this blight on our area.

My personal dislike of cameras is far outweighed by the sight of this appalling rubbish.

Ernest Lundy

by email