Children in same-sex marriage could suffer

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On the front page of the Nelson Leader of June 7th was an article about same-sex marriages.

Whether the idea comes into being or not, no doubt male and female couples of the same sex will continue living together as they do at present and have, doubtless, since the dawn of man – and woman for that matter.

These people affected were given that gene at birth by “Mother of Nature” or God and nothing can change that. Had they been given the chance to change at the time of birth, they would probably have chosen to be normal like most of the rest of us instead of being what they have inherited.

What would appear to be one of the worst aspects of such a syndrome is if a couple, particularly of a male gender, decide to adopt and bring up a child as its parents is when the child gets to school and reaches the age of eight or nine, it could well start getting teased and abused, and when it reaches its teens, it would no doubt get bullied by some of the other scholars, making life difficult for it.

There could also be the question of the effect on the rest of its life knowing it has been brought up by one of these couples.

Alan Benson

Bird Street, Brierfield