Collective procurement would help NHS

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It sometimes amazes me the sheer hypocrisy of some left wing Labour politicians.

I refer to the moaning of David Foat, officer in the local Labour Party, on the NHS which, according to him, is about to die.

There are problems in the NHS, I accept: too many highly paid managers not doing a lot and bad procurement of goods and services.

You can save around £2 billion without a single bed being lost, not a single nurse or doctor dismissed or a single pill cancelled. It’s called collective procurement, so remove the civil servant currently messing it up and get in professional buyers from industry.

Now Mr Foat, which party opened the floodgates on immigration that let in millions of immigrants legally?

It’s anyone’s guess how many came illegally over the past 12 years, but Labour were not bothered and all these had not paid in to the system one red cent before their arrival, but wanted NHS care.

That cost us an untold fortune – and who cut doctors’ hours, no weekend working or night cover and doubled their pay? Result – chaos, and long waiting times at A & E. Like it or not, the NHS IS going to have to change. It doesn’t matter who is in power.

The situation from the founding of the NHS has changed, and Labour is largely responsible for this change.

So, Mr Foat, your team are the architect of our current woes.

Michael Sutcliff

Kible Grove, Brierfield