Could you adopt a child?

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The number of adoptions in England is rising which is good news.

But sadly black children, especially boys over the age of three, are still waiting a year longer than other children to be adopted.

Parents for these children are desperately needed – could it be you?

Adopters are welcome from all walks of life and if you do not share the same ethnicity as your child, assistance and support is available to help you develop their ethnic and cultural identity.

The adoption journey can be challenging, but is ultimately so rewarding – adopters tell us it is the best thing they ever did.

One couple, who adopted their son of African heritage 11 years ago, said: “The joy our son brought and still brings us is amazing”.

Please consider whether you could become “mummy” or “daddy” to one or more of these wonderful children and find out more about adoption by visiting our website at or contact

Savita de Sousa

British Association for Adoption and Fostering