Cyclists are abused on daily basis

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Regarding Edward Lee’s comments on cyclists on towpaths sounding a little bell as he calls them or yelling on approaching walkers, what does he expect them to do, dismount and creep past with their head bowed!

He seems to be yet another anti cyclist, he also seems to be hinting that maybe the barriers were vandalised by cyclists.

Many cyclists use the towpath as they are too scared to use the roads, and I don’t blame them, I cycle on the roads every day to avoid the dog mess left on the canal by the walking community I am verbally abused on a daily basis by motorists who would like to see cyclists off the road altogether.

Besides the verbal abuse I have had motorists try to knock me off just for being in their way on many occasions. So stop knocking cyclists Mr Lee we are all trying to do our own thing on this little overcrowded island.

Ken Clarkson