‘Dirty politics’ involved in community centre row

Burnley Wood Training and Community Centre on Springfield Road.
Burnley Wood Training and Community Centre on Springfield Road.
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It is some time since I last wrote to the Express but I have been watching the toings and froings of letters concerning the community centres in Burnley Wood. I feel I should be allowed to air my views as I feel the public of Burnley deserve an objective viewpoint on this matter.

It strikes me that all the arguments from Coun. Jeff Sumner should be treated with a large dose of scepticism, quite apart from his assumptions that the current council should now pull out of the contract for the regeneration of Burnley Wood.

It would seem like Mr Sumner is attempting to turn the issue on its head. His attempts to place the blame for the agreement to abolish the Glebe Street centre onto the current council is absolute balderdash, it was he and his Executive on the Lib-Dem council who made the decisions with Keepmoat. The opposition fought against it tooth and nail but it was waived in by the then Executive of which he was a prominent member.

If he had any doubts, why on earth didn’t he raise them at the time?

There is one other major point worth mentioning here, in most of his recent outbursts he has claimed he has evidence. What that evidence is, I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that not one bit of evidence on whatever subject has been put forward at any stage of the proceedings by Mr Sumner. If this incident had occurred in a court of law the case would have been thrown out long before it reached that point.

In closing I would ask everyone to consider the effect a withdrawal from a contract worth millions would have caused. Keepmoat would quite rightly sue the council, meaning every member of the Burnley public would have been saddled with a debt for years to come. After that, the Lib-Dems would the blame Labour for getting us into the mess. Dirty politics again I’m afraid.

Mrs N Tustin