Disgust as teen burglar’s sentence cut

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I read with disgust about a teen burglar aged 16 (no name provided for legal reasons and don’t want to hurt his feelings).

What a joke! He as had his sentence cut because he didn’t use a weapon (kind of him) he didn’t cause any physical trauma and the property was of low value!

His solicitor and the judge should be ashamed of themselves for supporting a reduced sentence (18 months to 14 months).

So what if the items were low value? They did not belong to him and were of value to the elderly couple.

Not forgetting his sentence included another burglary and an attempted break-in, and broke an ASBO order, a youth rehabilitation order and was in breach of a curfew.

What they should have done is named and shamed then upped his sentence by a year or two!

I’m sure if was a relative of the above mentioned the sentence would have been stiffer.

Joanna Atkinson