Don’t just complain, get in touch with Crimestoppers

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If I may comment on a letter in last Tuesday’s Express with the heading “Disgusted at way we are treated”.

I’m also a resident of Bank Hall and have been all my life, and I have to totally agree with the comments in that letter as I myself have witnessed the motorcycles and cars being driven by unlicensed drivers. I have reported them to our community beat manager, giving them names of the drivers, on a number of occasions in the past.

The police tell us they cannot do anything about them as they are not allowed to chase them. This is all well and good but the police have the names of the perpetrators and that should be enough to bring them to justice.

It’s not only that I have reported drug dealing and weapons on the street and nothing has been done, in fact I can recall one officer saying to me: “I’m sorry but I don’t believe you”.

I also have had my car and property vandalised because of this and would like to remain anonymous.

Perhaps if more people rang Crimestoppers instead of complaining to each other, just maybe we could get something done.

Another frightened resident of Bank Hall