Don’t leave dog waste in open bins

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As in most walks of life you get a minority who spoll it for others, and this includes dog owners.

Many letters have been published from people complaining about owners who don’t clean up their dogs’ tail-end leftovers. I want to speak about those lazy owners who put their dogs’ waste in open-top general rubbish bins. It’s dangerous!

It’s good dog owners clean up their dogs’ mess and enclose it in plastic bags. But why do they then spoil it by putting their dogs’ waste in open-top bins adjacent to council benches where peoeple sit, rest and eat their packed lunches? Young children also play around these bins and sometimes touch them before eating their food.

Broken glass, stones and tins are put into general rubbish bins, and plastic bags will tear apart, with potential dangers to people’s health.

Ribble Valley council do provide “dog waste only” bins with fitted lids. Why can’t some dog owners use them for their pets’ waste? It isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Prevention is better than cure. This letter is written in the interests of human welfare

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