Don’t sit on your hands over police changes

police officers
police officers
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Regarding your article about proposed changes to policing the Ribble Valley, I have to say as a retired police officer I am appalled at the proposed changes outlined.

If the information outlined by the “whistleblower” is correct, I fear for residents in this area.

He is perfectly correct in what he says, that local knowlege will be lost.

It is vital police officers know the town they are policing, the residents, criminals, street names, premises etc., the list goes on.

The police need to spell out what the “cover” will be here at shift changing times and what the manpower level will be.

How many neighbourhood policing teams would actually be working out of Clitheroe?

Will there be any CID officers based here?

Will there be any supervision (sergeants or above) based in the Ribble Valley?

We need to know. The information supplied by the “Police Chiefs” is vague and we need these questions answered. The old Police Authority had a duty to provide an efficient and effective Police Force for the protection of life and property.

Does one man, “The Police Commisioner”, have the same powers? It is doubtful.

Mr Grunshaw states 74% of residents are prepared to pay more council tax to protect Lancashire Constabulary’s resilience in the face of Goverment cuts.

Yes we are Mr Grunshaw, but do you think after this anouncement the residents of the Ribble Valley will be prepared to pay more for less?

I doubt it.

I don’t want to be a scaremongerer, but after reading this article I am deeply concerned. If you are as concerned as I am, don’t sit on your hands and hope everything will be all right, contact your elected Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw.

You can write to: Office of the PCC for Lancashire, PO Box 653, Preston, PR2 2WB

You can telephone his office on: 01772 533 587, or you can get in touch through the website at:

Name and address supplied.