Drivers left in the dark on M65

The M65 needs lighting at night
The M65 needs lighting at night
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I dismayed at the decision of the county council to remove the lights from the M65 at Junction 10.

This is a very dangerous junction and lights should be reinstated forthwith, not removed.

It goes to show the level of contempt that the county council has for the people of Lancashire and in particular the people of Burnley, especially with the debacle of the road works that have been going on for months with next to no progress and the dangerously high barriers that are impossible to see over.

I would like to point out to our county councillors that we are not all fortunate enough to drive large four wheel drives and these barriers are dangerous for us in smaller cars. Perhaps when the next county council election comes round these people will not be re-elected, as they should realise that they work for us.

I should also like to say that if the people of Burnley want these lights back on they should contact our MP and see if he can do anything to help.

Angry Burnley resident