Freedom of choice disappearing fast

Towneley Hall
Towneley Hall
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The freedom of choice for local people seems to be disappearing thick and fast and we are being ignored more and more, except for at re-election time.

We may live in this historical town of Burnley with its beautiful parks and buildings, iconic history and more, but when it comes to the choice of our own entertainment, we seem to be more and more sidelined (ignored) in regards to what we want.

Of course the old-fashioned way of making the year’s happy times has changed, but why can we not come together to work for one another? After all, man came before money, so stop putting the pound in our face and thoughts. All for one, one for all.

Let’s be honest and stop big companies who aren’t fulfilling their promises.

We need co-operation to keep our foundation. Make Burnley Wood a place for people to look up to.

Mr M. Mobey