Great care at the Royal Blackburn Hospital

Royal Blackburn Hospital.
Royal Blackburn Hospital.

How can one find words enough to praise ambulance persons, nurses and doctors at the Royal Blackburn Hospital?

My husband, who is 86, is being cared for there after falling and breaking his hip.

On Sunday evening, July 20th, we spent eleven-and-a-half hours in A&E being extremely well cared for. That time was spent in opening our eyes to drunks, men battered and bruised, with nurses and doctors working their socks off to help these people, with smiles and lots of necessary attention.

Ken has NO COMPLAINTS and nor have I.

Everything that can possibly be done is being done to stop the pain and for getting him on the right road to walk again. His nurses are excellent. How they are as bright and cheerful and loving under such strain, I do not know.

Their care is above and beyond dedication to the job. Even I was instructed on the Monday morning to go home and rest as I looked drained and was advised not to visit Ken that day.

For years we were in private health schemes. The cost was getting too much for us so we opted for NHS and have never looked back. There must be a multitude of people who are grateful to Royal Blackburn Hospital. Please let us exceed the people who want bad press.

By the way, I also am 86 years old and we have been married for 64 years. That is a blessing. It is strange to be on my own now, but, as he is content, I sensibly know he is in the best place and it keeps me content.

Marian Gill,

by email