Great to see work start on Aldi store

An Aldi store in Leyland.
An Aldi store in Leyland.
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I am delighted to see work getting under way on the new Aldi store planned for the former Barker’s Nursery site at the top of Whalley Road. I, for one cannot wait for it to open.

Whenever plans for a new shop or business are announced all the existing businesses jump up and shout “No – we don’t want it!”

Well, of course you don’t, because it might have an impact on your business. Turkeys won’t vote for Christmas!

But it is not being built for you. It is for the local consumers, giving them a wider choice of where to spend their hard-earned brass. On my bus trips to other towns in East Lancashire I have visited several Aldi stores and found them to offer good quality produce at very reasonable prices.

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